Translations on demand

Die Akademie offers a Spanish-English-German translation service.

Our team of native translators will translate your texts in the quickest time possible. Our translation service is fast, professional, and our prices are very competitive. Die Akademie has launched its translation service due to the vast amount of companies interested in promoting their products in Spanish, English and German speaking countries.  

“Traductore, traditore” goes the famous Latin saying. Stop using online translators which aren´t 100% reliable and will only translate the meaning of individual words, not what you are trying to communicate. Literal translations and internet quick fixes often lead to misunderstandings, which can sorely harm marketing strategies or any document in general. To address a client with a different nationality to ours, doesn´t just mean we have to use a different language, it´s much more than that, we have to use different codes, formalities, expressions, etc. For these reasons, Die Akademie doesn´t just offer a translation of your document, but more a complete linguistic consultation.

Don´t underestimate the extra value a professional translation will add to your company!

Competitive prices 

Die Akademie stands out for our economical and transparent prices. The payment shall be done in advance, or, depending on the amount, may be paid in two parts. Don´t hesitate to ask us for quote and see for yourself how excellent our service really is.

Generic and specialized translations

 (Minimum cost of 40€ for specialized translations. Please ask for current rates)


Just 9 cents/word


Die Akademie guarantees special offers for large and/or regular translations.

All our translations: German to Spanish, Spanish to German, Spanish to English, English to Spanish, and English to German, German to English; will be done by native translators. To undertake a quality translation, one must have a solid linguistic knowledge. Furthermore, the translator must know all the ins and outs of both the languages he or she is working with.

Die Akademie only uses translators whose mother tongue is that in which the text is going to be translated into. We translate: restaurant menus, promotional flyers, CVs, business documents, web-pages, anything that you need, we can do it!

Correct, well executed and thorough translations are just word for word translations. Our translation service reorganizes the text to adapt, shape and mould the new translated text to the idiomatic and cultural peculiarities of not only each language, but each country.

Four eyes are better than two, so we always have a second translator’s supervision at hand.

Don’t hesiste to contact us and we’ll give you an unbeatable price.