Spanish Courses in Mallorca: Having success!

The Spanish Teaching Method

Based on the Suggestopedia Method, also known as “Superlearning”, Die Akademie” has developed Spanish Courses from beginner to advanced level with regard to life and practice (learning by doing). The lectures are designed with profession, hobbies and everyday life in mind. The “Superlearning” studio has audio and video technology and provides a stress free language training in groups or one person.

Languages open new worlds and broaden your mind. They widen your horizons and bring new opportunities to expand both your personal and business prospects. Languages give you security and assurance while traveling on business or on holiday, giving opportunities to experience new cultures and customs with understanding. Languages reduce barriers socially, academically and commercially.

The Start Dates 2024

The Academy is open all year round and offers your chosen language course throughout the year, with the only exception being between Christmas and 6 January of the following New Year.

Please ask us specifically for your desired date and the intended language level!

Learning a language has no age barrier !

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