The Academy


“Die Akademie” language school was born in 1998.

“Die Akademie” is an international school with students from around the world.

“Die Akademie” is located in Palma’s historic center and is very near to the emblematic Palma Cathedral.

In Amongst coffee shops and culturally interesting buildings, the city center offers historic charm, such as our academy that is located in a XVI century building.

Generally, the academy teachers are native speakers and they have years of experience teaching languages. Thanks to the fact that our teachers base their lessons on the “superlearning” method, the learning process is quicker, more pleasant, and more effective.

The “superlearning” method is designed for learning in a relaxed and peaceful way, without pressure and in a stress-free atmosphere; this helps us to concentrate better and to record knowledge in our long-term memory.

This is the most important aspect of our teacher´s teaching method. The lessons are focused on daily life aspects: job, studies, hobies, etc., but also, in some cases, the lessons are introduced to the students as a fun way of learning a new language.

With the help of classical music and melodic sentences, the knowledge is repeated and memorized. This relaxing moment allows us to learn in an effective and quick way.